If you are visiting this site it is probably because you or someone you know is going to have a mastectomy.  I wish that you didn’t need a mastectomy checklist, but I hope that you find the information on this site helpful.

Before my mastectomy I spent many hours looking for a list of things that I might need. I found many great blogs where people shared their experiences, but it was difficult for me to find a comprehensive list of things I might want to have on hand and things to do to get my home ready.

I know that it is impossible to create an all encompassing list, but my hope is that this site will have most things.  I’ve started the list, but I hope that others will send additional suggestions.  In this way the list will grow and become more helpful.

I hope that this site won’t be overwhelming.  One doesn’t need all of the items listed here.  Each person’s situation is different and therefore the items they may want or need will vary.