Out and about

Until one has limited use of their arms one doesn’t realize how many heavy doors exist and how much one uses the strength in their arms.  Below are some things to consider when you are out and about.

  • You won’t be able to drive – ask your doctor for more details
  • If you use the bus/train to get around be sure to ask for a seat
  • Carrying an umbrella can be difficult
  • You probably won’t be able to use a backpack for a while because the straps will press on the incisions
  • If you plan to carry a purse or other bag across your chest you will want one that is lightweight because pressure on your chest will probably hurt.
  • Purse or bag that doesn’t have a buckle or anything else that will press on your chest
  • If you work in a building with heavy doors come up with a plan for how to deal with them once you go back to work – your coworkers will probably be more than happy to help you if you ask
  • You use your chest muscles more than you realize when you are on the computer
  • Plan to shop with someone after your surgery, or have someone shop for you – store shelves are high and grocery carts are heavy
  • Opening and closing a car door may be difficult because you won’t be able to lift or move anything that weighs more than 5 pounds